Mr. Belmont was a character in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series.


Mr. Belmont was a wealthy man with a butler named Jeeves. When the Garbage Pail Kids mistakenly left their car Rustin' Justin in a tow-away zone, Mr. Belmont finds him and expresses interest in him due to Justin apparently being a rare classic model.

After ordering Jeeves to clean and repair Justin(Jeeves instead hires men to do all the work for him), Mr. Belmont decides to enter Justin into the Classy Car Contest. Justin at this point considers leaving his life as the Garbage Pail Kids' car behind, but changes his mind when he overhears Mr. Belmont saying that he intends to sell Justin for more money when he wins.

Justin manages to lose the Classy Car Contest by making himself fall apart on purpose(the Garbage Pail Kids at first interfere in his attempts due to accepting that he is no longer their car, but stop when Justin tells them what will happen when he wins).

The Kids manage to buy Justin back from Mr. Belmont with 75 cents, which Mr. Belmont is fortunately glad to accept.

The episode ends with the Kids driving off in Rustin' Justin as they prepare to undo the repairs done to him and restore him to his former self.


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