Idaho Spud was a character in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. He was a parody of movie character Indiana Jones.


He was on a mission to find the treasure in the Temple of Trash, along with Colonel Corn and Plain Jane. After being rescued from Lizard Liz and her tribe by Hairy Gary and Kim Kong, the group continue looking for the Temple. It is protected by Pagan Megan, but they manage to get past her by telling her that her mascara is running, distracting her.

In the end, the treasure appears to be gold and jewelry, which disappoints the gang, but they then discover old comic books, baseball cards, and toys hidden underneath it.


  • Justin Cleans Up
    • In the segment Idaho Spud and the Temple of Trash
  • He can be seen in the introduction of the show swinging on a vine and doing a Tarzan yell.

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