The Funbusters were villains in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. They only appeared in the episode Batteries Not Included.


In their first and only appearance, the Funbusters were a group of adults that wanted to destroy all the toys in America by selling defective batteries. The Garbage Pail Kids ruin their plan and chase them away, but they vowed to return.


Simon ScourEdit

The leader of the Funbusters. He runs a robotic tank that he uses to try and capture the Garbage Pail Kids, but he only succeeds in capturing Terri Cloth, Split Kit, and Elliot Mess. After Patty Putty and Clogged Duane escape, he sends Bloodhound to go find them.


Not really a member, but as his name implies, is a bloodhound that Simon Scour uses to find any kids that escape.

Sylvia CensorEdit

The only female member of the Funbusters. She appears in the first segment of the episode warning the audience not to watch the cartoon.

Squeaky CleanEdit

A man who tries to clean Split Kit, but gets trapped in a box instead.

Preston PurgationEdit

A short man in a green suit and a red tie.

Mr. KilljoyEdit

Owns a toy store and wears a mask while there. He tells the kids the location of the Funbusters' lair, and later has his mask stolen when he promises the kids that the Funbusters will return.


Mr. Killjoy and Bloodhound were the only members of the Funbusters that were named in the episode. The names of the other members come from their design sheets.

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