The Fairy tale freaks are cards made For The Burger King Kids meal inserted with a Shrek toy. The Set had a total of 23 cards to collect. Getting all the cards was acctully very difficult since they were only sold at Burger King in 2001

List of CardsEdit

1. Sobbin' Hood

2. Peter Pancake

3. Rumbleina

4. Bumpty Dumpty

5. GingerShread Man

6. The Old woman who didn't have a clue

7. Cappucinocchio 

8. Glow white

9. Snoring Beauty 

10. 3 Brittle Pigs

11. Goldie Rocks

12. Puss in suits

13. Princess and the TV

14. Rap-Unzel

15. 3 grind mice

16. Jog Prince 

17. Jack vs. Hill

18. Cinderdmella

19. Fumbles Pigskins

20. Jack and the Mean Jock

21. Hansel in Pretzel

22. Thugly Duckling

23. Little Rad Riding hood

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