Flashbacks Set Series 3 is the third in a re-release of previous works under Garbage Pail Kids heading. It was released in November 2011.

List of CardsEdit

Normal Cards

Lost GPK SetEdit

Where Are They Now? SetEdit

  • 71. Stormy HEATHER/APRIL Showers
  • 72. Jolted JOEL/Live MIKE
  • 73. Phony LISA/MONA Loser
  • 74. Bony TONY/Unzipped ZACK
  • 75. Alien IAN/Outerspace CHASE
  • 76. JACK O. Lantern/DUNCAN Pumpkin
  • 77. Toothie RUTHIE/Dental FLOSSIE
  • 78. CHRIS Mess/SANDY Clod
  • 79. Scalped RALPH/Bone-Head FRED
  • 80. BERN-Out/Dim-Bulb BOB

3-D CardsEdit

  • 3D1. SY Clops
  • 3D2. Gored GORDAN
  • 3D3. Tiny TIM
  • 3D4. Con VIC
  • 3D5. ADAM Boom

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