Flashbacks Set Series 2 which is a release of previous works under the Garbage Pail Kids heading. It was released on February 16 2011. ADAM Bomb/Blasted BILLY is on the wrappper.

List of CardsEdit

Normal Cards

Lost GPK SetEdit

Where Are They Now? SetEdit

  • 71 Potty SCOTTY/JASON Basin
  • 72 Ghastly ASLEY/Acne AMY
  • 73 Jolly ROGER/Pegleg PETER
  • 74 Greaser GREG/CHRIS Hiss
  • 75 Smelly SALLY/Fishy PHYLLIS
  • 76 New Wave DAVE/Grafitti PETEY
  • 77 Ultra VIOLET/TANYA Hide
  • 78 Barfin' BARBARA/VALERIE Vomit
  • 79 Wacky JACKIE/Loony LENNIE
  • 80 Half-NELSON/Glandular ANGELA

Fakebooks SeenEdit

  • JAY Decay
  • Eerie ERIC
  • Live MIKE
  • Bent BEN
  • Leaky LINDSAY
  • Junkfood JOHN

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