MacKenzie Astin Garbage Pail Kids Movie 02
is one of the main characters in The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. He was played by Mackenzie Austin.


Dodger was a young boy who had been bullied by Juice and his gang. He also had a crush on Juice's girlfriend Tangerine. His luck changes when he meets the Garbage Pail Kids. With the help of the Kids, Dodger manages to impress Tangerine with impressive clothes they made. Later, he hears of the Kids' friends, the other Garbage Pail Kids, being incarcerated at the State Home for the Ugly, a place where abnormal people are imprisoned and executed. After helping the Kids escape when they get captured, Dodger breaks up with Tangerine and is ready for a happy life at the end of the movie. At the end of the movie, He and Manzini watch the Kids drive away after Manzini fails to get the Kids in the Garbage Pail.

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