Clint Hardwood was a character in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. He was a parody of actor Clint Eastwood, known for appearing in Westerns.


Clint was on a mission to deliver a gold shipment to the Town With No Name with Belle Button and his horse Flaky Paint. Clint Hardwood had difficulty in completing the delivery when Butch Casualty and Sunburnt Kip steal the stagecoach and kidnap Belle Button and Flaky Paint.

On his journey to continue delivering the gold shipment on foot, he encounters a severely dehydrated man and a vulture that tries to eat him. Clint eventually asks a totem pole for directions, and she does.

After finding the Town With No Name, Clint Hardwood reports the robbery to Sheriff Whynot Burp, who tells him that Butch and Kip are at the Playpen Saloon. Clint defeats the two outlaws by shooting his pie gun at them, force-feeding them pies until they get too fat to move.

The story ends with Clint giving Flaky Paint a piggyback ride while walking into the sunset, having left Belle Button behind.


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