Over the Years Topps came up with ideas for cards that they later scrapped and later have been placed into other series and The Garbage Pail Kid Book or they never made it into the series at all.

Note: The Following Cards are ordered by what series they were originally intended to be in

a.Pickled PETE/ b.Formaldehyde FRED (OS2)

Unknown Dungeon Kid Card (OS3)

a.Baby ABIE/ b.Lincoln PARK (OS3 & OS5)

a.Prickly PETE/ b.Thorny BARB (OS3)

a.Arach NED/ b.Web JEB (OS4)

a.Shadowy SHEILA/ b.Vaporized VAL (OS4)

a.Global WARREN/ b.AL Pocalypse (OS5)

Unknown Punk Middle Finger Kid Artwork (OS8)

Unknown Paraplegic Girl Diving in the Pool Artwork (OS10)

Unknown Stained Glass Artwork (OS10)

Unknown Roast in the Oven Artwork (OS10)

Unknown Gardening Tongue Artwork (OS10)

Unknown Kangaroo Artwork (OS10)

Unknown Brand Burner Artwork (OS10)

a.Hole in JUAN/ b.LOUIE Kablooey (OS10)

Unknown Electric High Chair Artwork (OS14)

Unpublished OS16 Cards (OS16)

Unknown Long neck gun card (OS16)

Unknown mirror card (OS16)

a.Gummy GARY/ b.Bubble BRETT (ANS1/BNS1)

a. Pushing Up DAISY/ b.Dawn of the DAWN (ANS3)

Unknown We can do it Poster Parody artwork (BNS1)

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