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Captain Manzini
is one of the main characters in The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. He was played by Anthony Newley.


Captain Manzini is a strange man with magic powers who owns an antique shop. One of the items he owns is an enchanted Garbage Pail, which contains the Garbage Pail Kids. He at first does not like the idea of letting the kids out of the pail and spends most of the film trying to find a magic spell to get them back in the pail once they escape. After he and his apprentice Dodger help the Garbage Pail Kids break out of the State Home for the Ugly, he attempts to get the Garbage Pail Kids back into the garbage pail by playing their leitmotif backwards. The Kids, however, leave when Manzini isn't looking. Fortunately for them, Captain Manzini changes his mind and decides to let the Garbage Pail Kids go free.

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