Butch Casualty and Sunburnt Kip, collectively known as The Hole-In-The-Head Kids, were villains in a segment of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. Their names were puns on the famous Wild West outlaw duo Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


Clint Hardwood, Belle Button, and Flaky Paint were riding in a stagecoach to deliver gold to the Town With No Name. The Hole-In-The-Head Kids stole the stagecoach and kidnapped Belle Button and Flaky Paint, leaving Clint Hardwood to complete the gold shipment delivery on foot.

After finding the Town With No Name, Clint reports his encounter with the Hole-In-The-Head Kids to Sheriff Whynot Burp, who tells him that the two outlaws are at the Playpen Saloon.

Clint Hardwood faces Butch Casualty and Sunburnt Kip in a pie-firing gunfight, which ends with Clint Hardwood shooting pies in the outlaws' mouths until they are too fat to move. Clint then rides away with Flaky Paint, leaving Belle Button still tied up.


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