All-new series 4 is the 4th series of GPK released as the restarted GPK line, The Series was made for The GPK's 20th anniversery 

List of cardsEdit

1. a.Green Cheese CHASE/b.PHIL Moon

2. a.PARIS Embarrassed/b.MARIS Wiltin'

3. a.Worked-Up WARREN/b.Chin-Up CHANDLER

4. a.JIMMY Dean/b.Sausage SAM

5. a.ALLIE Oops/b.Swingin' SIERRA

6. a.PAUL Vault/b.Impaled DALE

7. a.Nin JACK/b.MARSHALL Artless

8. a.ANNA Cornea/b.MONICA Ails

9. a.CLAY Achin'/b.Idol IVAN

10. a.COLIN Bowel/b.Scoutin' SCOTT

11. a.Grunge BOB/b.Spongy SPENCER

12. a.Brainwashed BRETT/b.ED N. Shoulders

13. a.Fallen ANGEL/b.Airsick ARIEL

14. a.Headless LESLIE/b.MADISON Halved

15. a.Jumpin' JEN/b.MEGAN Trouble

16. a.COLE Slawed/b.SAL Salad

17. a.WALTER Cooler/b.Wizzin' WILL

18. a.HARRY Who Didn't/b.NOEL Escape

19. a.TOM Turkey/b.Thanks GAVIN

20. a.Vomitin' VICTOR/b.Ralphin' RYAN

21. a.Blown Away RAY/b.Breezy BRADY

22. a.Snakey JAKE/b.Charming CHARLIE

23. a.Blastin' SEBASTIAN/b.Explosive XAVIER

24. a.Cleaved STEVE/b.Tandem RANDY

25. a.Totem TIM/b.High Man DAN

26. a.Wishful WES/b.AL Addin' Fumes

27. a.Wolver-IAN/b.Pokin' LOGAN

28. a.Fuelin' JULIAN/b.Gassin' GRANT

29. a.Scuba Doo LOU/b.Harpoonin' HUNTER

30. a.Turd King TRAVIS/b.Poo-A-Mid PARKER

31. a.Snotty SARAH/b.JESSICA Simpleton

32. a.Mulched MITCH/b.Cut Up CHRIS

33. a.Hollow WAYNE/b.JACQUELINE Lantern

34. a.Zitty ZAK/b.Acne ANDY

35. a.Floodgate NATE/b.Levee LEVI

36. a.NOAH's Barf/b.High-Water MARK

37. a.Log ROLAND/b.ROGER Logger

38. a.Recycled MICHAEL/b.Overflowin' OWEN

39. a.Nasty ASHLEY/b.MARY-KATE Ate

40. a.ADAM Bomb/b.Blasted BILLY

40. (Original Card)

Scratch and Stink CardsEdit

S1. a.Frank N. Wiener/b.Oscar Mire

S2. a.Mount St. HELEN/b.Volcanic VANESSA

S3. a.Intest-TINA/b.Oblivious OLIVIA

S4. a.FORREST Sump/b.Wastin' JASON

S5. a.Stink Blot STEPHANIE/b.Rorschach TESSA

S6. a.VINNIE Vomit/b.Barf Bag BRAD

Bonus CardsEdit

B6. DOUG Sledding

B7. Propelled MIGUEL

B8. Swarmed NORM

B9. Dancin' DOMINIC

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