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ARMED Arnie or OSCAR La Vista is card number 28a/28 b of ANS2


The sticker depicts a muscular blond fellow sporting a crew cut, shades, and futuristic/space attire, with half his face human and half robotic, indicating that he is a cyborg. Obviously he is supposed to be Austrian-born muscleman-turned-movie-star Arnold Schwarzenegger in his famous Terminator movie role. The character is depicted as going on a shooting spree with futuristic-looking water pistols.


A sendup of bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Terminator movies. Arnie in the a name is a short form of the name Arnold, while the b name is a reference to Mr. Schwarzenegger's classic line as the Terminator, Hasta la vista, baby.


  • This is one of many characters in the new series that is supposed to be a caricature/spoof of a real-life celebrity or famous figure, unlike the old series, where the majority of the characters (Gorgeous George/Dollar Bill, Ben Bolt/Fried Franklin, and Rappin'Ron/Ray Gun were among the exceptions) were not meant to spoof any particular person but were drawn purely from fantasy.

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