All New Series 2 is the second series of Garbage Pail Kids released as they restarted the GPK's Line.

List of Cards/StickersEdit


Scratch 'n' Stink StickersEdit

S1. a.Stony TONY / b.Ol' Faith PHIL

S2. a.Cheese LUIS / b.Eruptin' ERICS

S3. a.Moldy MOLLY / b.Stinkin' STEPHANIE

S4. a.Careless CARLOS / b.Klutzy KEVIN

S5. a.Topping TOM / b.DOM E. Nose 

S6. a.Gotta Go JOE / b.KEN Not Hold It

Bonus StickersEdit

B1. On Camera CAMERON

B2. Paintball PAUL

Foil StickersEdit

F1. a.Ailin' AL / b.Mauled PAUL]] F2. a.Wacky JACKY / b.Loony LENNY]] F3. a.Cranky FRANKIE / b.Bad BRAD]] F4. a.Junky JEFF / b.Stinky STAN]] F5. a.Slobby ROBBIE / b.Fat MATT]] F6. a.Run Down RHODA / b.Flat PAT]] F7. a.Hot SCOTT / b.LUKE Warm]] F8. a.Sewer SUE / b.MICHELLE Muck]] F9. a.Hurt CURT / b.PAT Splat]] F10. a.DREW Blood / b.Bustin' DUSTIN]] F11. a.Smelly SALLY / b.Fishy PHYLLIS]] F12. a.Snooty SAM / b.U.S. ARNIE]] F13. a.Second Hand ROSE / b.Trashed TRACY]] F14. a.Basket CASEY / b.Dribblin' DEREK]] F15. a.Yicchy MICKEY / b.Barfin' BART]] F16. a.Handy RANDY / b.JORDAN Nuts]] F17. a.NAT Nerd / b.CLARK Can't]] F18. a.JULES Drools / b.KIT Spit]] F19. a.Barfin' BARBARA / b.VALERIE Vomit]] F20. a.Bratty MADDY / b.Dirty BIRDIE]] F21. a.Short MORT / b.NOAH Body]] F22. a.Heartless HAL / b.BOWEN Arrow]] F23. a.LEM Phlegm / b.Gezundt HEIDI]] F24. a.Cute TIPPI / b.Waxy WENDY]] F25. a.Scalped RALP / b.Bone-Head FRED]]

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