Bustin' JUSTIN / WESLEY Wormhole
aka Bustin' CHESTER
Burstin' BURT
Series(s) All New Series 1
Old Series 16 (but never went to print)
Card Number(s) 3a / 3b
629a / 629b (Old Series 16)

Bustin' JUSTIN or WESLEY Wormhole is card number 3a/3b in All New Series 1.


The card shows a boy that appears to have a jack in the box lever and a worm bursting from his stomach.


It is one of the 29 cards that was released in ALL NEW Series 1 after Old Series 16 was canceled.


The card is a parody of a jack in a box and of the scene of a parasitic extraterrestrial being bursting from the chest of its human host in the movie ALIEN.

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