Beaky BECKY / Picky MICKEY
Series(s) Old Series 3
Card Number(s) 99a / 99b

Beaky BECKY or Picky MICKEY is card number 99a/99b in the original third series.


The card shows a vulture with a human face feasting on a carcass


The card makes fun of vultures and their feeding habits.

Other mediaEdit

Beaky Becky made a brief appearance in Episode 2 of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series' movie parody, Pie Fight at the Okie-Dokie Corral, where she attempts to eat the hero Clint Hardwood, but is foiled. She later made a brief cameo appearance in Episode 3's movie parody, Idaho Spud and the Temple of Trash.

Beaky Becky was also a figure in the Canadian second series of Cheap Toys and Crummy Candy.

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