Horsey HENRY / Galloping GLEN
Series(s) Old Series 3
Card Number(s) 86a / 86b

Horsey HENRY or Galloping GLEN is card 86a/86b in the third series.


The card shows a rather mangy-looking centaur sporting a mohawk and holding a sack of oats while flies swarm around him.


The card mocks the centaurs of Greek mythology.

Other mediaEdit

Galloping Glen was an antagonist in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series movie parody Savage Stuart: The Garbage Pail Barbarian. When Stuart and his sidekick Corndog meet him, he gives them three chances to make him angry before they proceed. Savage Stuart first tries to get him mad by insulting the way he dresses, but that doesn't work. In his second try, Savage Stuart asks him if it is true that his mother wears army horseshoes, but Glen just nonchalantly answers that she does, size 7B. In his third try, Savage Stuart finally gets Glen mad by calling him "donkey breath". Corndog defeated Glen by throwing a pizza at him, sticking him to a tree.

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