Split KIT / Mixed-Up MITCH
Series(s) Old Series 2
Card Number(s) 81a / 81b

Split KIT or Mixed-Up MITCH is card 81 in Old Series 2.


The card shows a boy character reminiscent of the Batman foe Two-Face or Dick Tracy villain Haf-N-Haf. On the left half, he has a clean face, a smile, neatly styled blond hair, a yellow jacket, a blue and white striped shirt, blue jeans, and a sneaker. On the right half, he has a dirty face, a sneering expression, dyed red and green hair done in a "punk" style, black pants with a hole in the knee, a tattered shirt, a leather biker jacket, and a black boot with spikes on the sole. His bad-boy side carries a pistol.


The card pokes fun at the balance between good and evil, or possibly the Two-Face and Jekyll and Hyde concepts. The a name may also poke fun at MPD patients.

Other mediaEdit

Split Kit was one of the main characters in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series . He was voiced by Noam Zylberman. He often acts as the leader of the Garbage Pail Kids when they are not under the guidance of Trash Can Ken. Not surprisingly, in the series he is without his handgun, his "normal" half also sports brown hair in the series. In many cases, his punk side will take over and try to get the others to do something dangerous or risky. He also possesses superhuman strength and even sometimes tries to act tougher than the others. For example, in episode 4 began with the kids watching a horror film. As are the other kids, Kit is visibly frightened by the film, but refuses to admit that he was afraid once his bad side takes over. Despite his mannerisms, Split Kit is actually a nice guy. In episode 10, Split Kit hates valentines day and near the end of the episode Kit say a poem to Patty saying he still hates valentines day, but he likes her. Overjoyed by what he says, Patty kisses Kit on the cheek before she left and saying that love is still yucky but, he Blushed pink. Which means that Split Kit likes Patty Putty back.

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