Mark BARK / Kennel KENNY
Series(s) Old Series 2
Card Number(s) 74a / 74b

Mark BARK or Kennel KENNY is card 74 in the original second series.


The card shows a white and brown GPK-styled dog with a bone in his mouth.


Another example of anthropomorphism, acknowledging that dogs are stereotyped as liking to chew on bones and being susceptible to fleas

Other mediaEdit

Mark Bark made an appearance in an episode of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. Here, Elliot Mess first sees him on his way home from school and mistakes him for a stray dog. He names him Kenny and adopts him after nobody claims him. Unfortunately, the dog was hard to train, so the other Garbage Pail Kids took turns taking care of him until they found his owner. In the end, it was revealed that Mark was a police dog after a policeman came to claim him.

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