Gorgeous GEORGE / Dollar BILL
Series(s) Old Series 2
Card Number(s) 73a / 73b

Gorgeous GEORGE or Dollar BILL is card 73a/73b in the second series.


The card shows a Garbage Pail Kids rendition of George Washington. It is also worth noting the strange, short pill shape of the area that contains the name, an anomoly.


Not only does the card represent former president George Washington, but the a name references wrestler Gorgeous George and the b name is an allusion to the fact that George Washington appears on the one dollar bill.

Other mediaEdit

Gorgeous George makes an appearance in the second episode of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series as the trashed-out version of George Washington's sculpture on Mount Rushmore. He tells the Garbage Pail Kids about what happened to Wrinklin' Lincoln, who had been stolen by a group of villains as a replacement for a headless sphinx.

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