Bad Breath SETH / Foul PHIL
Series(s) Old Series 2
Card Number(s) 70a / 70b

Bad Breath SETH or Foul PHIL is card 70 in the original second series.


The card shows a baby exhaling smog, making the flower in his lap droop and a bird fall from the sky. Another kid with a gas mask can be seen in the background.


The card shows a humorous exaggeration of how bad breath can make one a social outcast.

Other mediaEdit

Foul Phil is one of the seven main Garbage Pail Kids in The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. He often asks people if they are his mommy or daddy, and his halitosis can knock people unconscious. He and the other six Garbage Pail Kids were captured by the State Home for the Ugly when they were looking for their missing friends. Dodger and Captain Manzini managed to save the seven Garbage Pail Kids, but were unfortunately unable to save the other Garbage Pail Kids. Foul Phil was played by Robert Bell and voiced by Chloe Amateau, the daughter of the film's director, Rod Amateau.

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