Clogged DUANE / Bye Bye BOBBY
Series(s) Old Series 2
Card Number(s) 59a / 59b

Clogged DUANE or Bye Bye BOBBY is card 59 in the second series.


The card shows a boy taking a bath and suddenly going down the drain.


This card spoofs the common childhood fear of being sucked down the bathtub drain. "Clogged Duane" is a pun of clogged drain, and "Bye Bye Bobby" is a possible reference to the Broadway song "Bye Bye Baby"

Other mediaEdit

Clogged Duane is a main character in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. He is voiced by Cree Summer. Here, he wears a green and white striped shirt and blue shorts. He also has a left blue eye. He can turn into liquid, a power that enables him to enter pipes and sneak under locked doors. His power was also useful for tripping up villains. He also likes to make puns and jokes, even at inopportune times. In episode 10, Duane has no effect on Heartless Hal's love arrows and in episode 4, it turns out that he becomes an human ice cube if any place gets too cold. In episode 13, when the stingrays were chasing Smelly Sally he can make himself look like an Oil Spill.