Fake JAKE / Sham SAM
Fake Jake
Series(s) Old Series 14
Card Number(s) 572a / 572b

Fake JAKE or Sham SAM is card 572a/572b in Old Series 14.


The card depicts a monster hiding behind a cardboard cutout of a kid.


The card parodies hypocrisy and people who pretend to be someone they're not, it may also parody how in science fiction or horror, an alien/monster disguises itself like a human being. Could also be a nod to antisocial personality (sociopathy), a personality disorder where a person seems friendly and charming at first, but later proves to be unfeeling, uncaring, and selfish due to being devoid of empathy and lacking a conscience, and incapable of experiencing all but the basest feelings, thus capable of horrendous acts and deeds

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