Series(s) Old Series 2
Card Number(s) 45a / 45b

Leaky LINDSAY or Messy TESSIE is card 45 from the second series.


The card shows a girl playing with her giant snot.


The card mocks how runny noses are considered disgusting.

Other mediaEdit

Messy Tessie is one of the main characters in The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. She often uses her snot as an adhesive and sneezes quite frequently. She and the other six Garbage Pail Kids were eventually captured by the State Home for the Ugly when they tried to find their missing friends. Fortunately, Dodger and Captain Manzini rescued the seven Garbage Pail Kids, but were too late to rescue the other Garbage Pail Kids. Captain Manzini attempted to put the Garbage Pail Kids back into the garbage pail, but in the end decided to set the Garbage Pail Kids free so they could see the world and make their own decisions.

Messy Tessie was played by Sue Rossitto and voiced by Teri Benaron.