SY Clops / One-Eyed JACK
Series(s) Old Series 2
Card Number(s) 44a / 44b

SY Clops or One-Eyed JACK is card 44 in the second series.


The card shows a baby cyclops.


The card references the cyclops of Greek Mythology and the name "One Eyed Jack" possibly originated with playing cards, and often appears in literature and other media

Other mediaEdit

One-Eyed Jack appeared in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series movie "Savage Stuart: The Garbage Pail Barbarian" as an antagonist. He stops Savage Stuart and asks him three questions: "What was the color of Goolack the Terrible's black horse?"(the answer is "White, he spilled vanilla ice cream on it"), "Who was buried in King Turlock's tomb?"(the answer is obvious), and "What is my name?" Savage Stuart is stumped by the third question, until he hears a phone ring. When he answers it, he hears someone say that he has a pizza for One-Eyed Jack. Savage Stuart then asks the cyclops if his name is One-Eyed Jack, and he then throws a tantrum screaming "HOW DID YOU KNOW?" A pizza delivery boy named Corndog delivers Jack's pizza and asks for $5.35. Jack pays him the exact amount, but Corndog is furious when he learns that he isn't given a tip. Jack then explains that the pizza was cold. Corndog then says "Well, don't blame me!" and throws the pizza at the giant's face. One-Eyed Jack is rather happy now because the body heat from his face will warm up the pizza and he proceeds to eat it off his face as Savage Stuart and Corndog continue their extraordinary quest.