PATTY Putty / Muggin' MEGAN
Series(s) Old Series 2
Card Number(s) 42a / 42b

PATTY Putty or Muggin' MEGAN is card 42 in the second original series.


The card shows a baby girl distorting her face.


The card is possibly lampooning how parents used to warn their children that if they don't stop making faces, their faces will be permanently stuck that way. May also be a riff on Silly Putty.

Other mediaEdit

Patty Putty is one of the main characters in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. She is voiced by Tara Strong. Here, she is older and wears a magenta shirt, purple shorts, and a green coat. She also has stretching and shape-changing powers, much like Mr Fantastic of the Fantastic Four and the DC Comics superheroes Plastic Man and Elongated Man. It is implied in the Valentine's Day episode "Heartless Hal" that she has a crush on Split Kit. She is also best friends with Terri Cloth and is a good girl according to Santa Claus.