Mean GENE / Joltin' JOE
Series(s) Old Series 1
Giant Series 1
Card Number(s) 41a / 41b

Mean GENE or Joltin' JOE is card 41 from Old Series 1. This card was also in Giant Series 1 (as card 17).


The card shows a soldier with a knife in his teeth sporting camouflage pants, a mohawk hairdo, sunglasses, spiked boots and wristbands, and an ammo belt. The character has an angry sneer on his face. In one hand, he holds a machine gun and, in the other, he holds a handfull of dynamite that he's about to throw.


The card represents the stereotype that soldiers are often violent, angry, and mean. The b name may also be a reference to the G.I. Joe action figure series. The character himself may be a sendup of Rambo or any number of "One Man Army"-type action films popular in the 80s. The name "Joltin' Joe" was also the nickname of pro baseball player Joe DiMaggio. The a name may also be a reference to the former wrestling interviewer Mean Gene Okerlund.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last card in the old Garbage Pail Kids in series 1.