Heartless HAL / BOWEN Arrow
Series(s) Old Series 8
Card Number(s) 309a / 309b

Heartless HAL or BOWEN Arrow is card 309 in the original eighth Garbage Pail Kids series.


A Garbage Pail Kid-styled Cupid is aiming an arrow at a couple, but he accidentally shoots his own heart out due to mistakenly holding his archery equipment the wrong way.


Makes fun of Cupid/Eros, a Greco-Roman love god that is more well known for his affiliation with Valentine's Day, a holiday associated with sweethearts. Also, a name is a pun on the word "heartless" as an insult towards those that appear to lack emotion or sympathy and b name is a pun on "bow and arrow."

Other MediaEdit

Heartless Hal was an antagonist on the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series in the episode of the same name.

On Valentine's Day, Hal is obsessed with making everyone at the Garbage Pail Kids' school fall in love. His results included Patty Putty and Split Kit falling in love, Terry Cloth falling for Split Kit as well, Elliot Mess developing a crush on Terry Cloth, and Mrs. Gallagher falling for Mr. Mellow.

Clogged Duane was the only one who avoided getting hit by Hal's arrows, and showed him how his actions were causing chaos. Hal responds by undoing the enchantment and returning everyone to their senses.

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