YUL Tied / MURRAY Christmas
Series(s) Old Series 8
Card Number(s) 297a / 297b

YUL Tied or MURRAY Christmas is the 297th card in the original eighth series.


A bald, green kid is decorated like a Christmas tree.


Mocks Christmas trees in general.

Other mediaEdit

Yul Tied made an appearance in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series episode Chris Messin' August as one of Chris Mess's henchmen. Along with Chirs Mess and Meltin' Elton, he schemed to ruin Christmas for everyone by first convincing the children that you now had to be naughty to get presents and then giving the children they tricked terrible presents. In the end, the three were defeated by the Garbage Pail Kids and Santa Claus punished them by forcing them to work in his workshop until they redeemed themselves. Yule Tied questioned Chris Mess about his plan and Chris responded by telling him to shut up and (presumably inadvertently) put him in one of the presents they were forced to prepare for Christmas.

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