Alien ALAN / Martian MARCIA
Series(s) Old Series 7
Card Number(s) 283a / 283b

Alien ALAN or Martian MARCIA is card 283a/283b from the original seventh series.


A giant green alien is looking through the window of a space station as horrified astronauts look on.


A joke on the science-fiction concept of inhabitants of outer space being green and monstrous.

Other mediaEdit

Martian Marcia made an appearance on Episode 1 of the  Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series in the movie parody segment, Junkoid Zone Aliens, where she, Alien Ian, and Janet Planet went to Earth and tried to have fun there. The humans misunderstood the aliens and thought they were attacking. When they fought the aliens, they misinterpreted the humans' attacks as friendly welcoming and wanting to play. The three eventually left after they heard a news bulletin about aliens attacking the Earth, unaware that they were the aliens mentioned. The opening segment of Epsiode 7, Aliens Make Contact, had an alien appear in the teaser preparing to make visual contact with the Earthlings. Before doing so, the leader of his race warns him that the inhabitants of Earth are very strange. The way the alien leader puts it, the people of Earth "watch little boxes called 'T.V', ride in little boxes called 'cars', and wear high-top sneakers". The alien then sees the Garbage Pail Kids. He then turns back and says to the leader "It's the Earthlings! They're worse than strange, they're gross!" Even though the alien lacks any resemblance to the card character, the close captions on the DVD identifies him as Alien Alan.

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