Have A Nice DAVE / MILES Smiles
Series(s) Old Series 7
Card Number(s) 278a / 278b

Have A Nice DAVE or MILES Smiles is card 278a/278b from the original seventh series.


A person with a smiley face for a head wears a GPK head as a button.


A spoof of the Smiley Face craze. In fact, the a name is a parody of "Have a nice day", a phrase often associated with the Smiley Face.

Other mediaEdit

Miles Smiles often makes appearances in the movie segments of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series as the ticket man at the movie theater. He first appears normal, but when the theater gets trashed out by either Michelle Muck or Trashed Tracy, he removes his normal face and wears it as a button, revealing his smiley face.

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