Series(s) Old Series 7
Card Number(s) 251a / 251b

Barfin' BARBARA or VALERIE Vomit is card number 251 in the original seventh series.


A girl vomits in a frying pan and cooks her vomit, feeling dizzy as she does so.

Other mediaEdit

Valerie Vomit is one of the seven main Garbage Pail Kids in The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, played by Debbie Lee Carrington. Ironically, she only vomits once, in the climax of the film where she vomits on two of Juice's goons. She and the other six Kids spend a portion of the film trying to rescue their friends, the other Garbage Pail Kids, but end up in the State Home for the Ugly. Dodger and Captain Manzini managed to rescue the seven Garbage Pail Kids, but could not rescue the other Garbage Pail Kids, as they have already been executed.