HECTOR Collector / G.P. KAY
Series(s) Old Series 6
Card Number(s) 248 A and B

HECTOR Collector or G.P. KAY is card number 248ᴀ+ʙ from The Original Series.


A kid covered in Garbage Pail Kids stickers peels back his own sticker in an attempt to collect it.


The A name, combined with the gag, pokes fun at how popular the Garbage Pail Kids cards were back in the 80's, while the B name is a pun on GPK, the acronym for the Garbage Pail Kids card series itself.

Later Appearances Edit

He was later reprinted in the Flashback Series with multiple border colors. He was card number 42ᴀ+ʙ.

He then also grew up a bit in Brand New Series and had 3 names this time! Hector Collector, Hoardin' Jordan, G.P. KAY and is card number 123ᴀ+ʙ.

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