RUSTY Heap / Rustin' JUSTIN
Series(s) Old Series 6
Card Number(s) 247a / 247b

RUSTY Heap or Rustin' JUSTIN is card number 247a/247b from the original sixth series.


The card depicts an anthropomorphic rusty car at a junkyard.


The a name is a play on "rusty heap", a term often used to refer to old cars.

Other mediaEdit

Rustin' Justin was a character in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. He first appeared in the episode Honest Abe Has a Close Shave, where he was used by the five main Garbage Pail Kids to get to Mount Rushmore. He returned in the next episode Justin Cleans Up, where he played a much larger role. Justin is constantly mistreated by the Garbage Pail Kids, who eventually leave him behind at a tow-away zone by accident. A wealthy man named Mr. Belmont finds Justin and has him cleaned up and repaired for the Classy Car Contest. The Garbage Pail Kids later find out about Justin. Justin, who learned that once he won the contest, he would be sold, tries to fail the contest by doing various things, such as making his doors fall off and farting smog all over himself. The Garbage Pail Kids fix everything and foil Justin's attempts to lose the contest, as they had by then accepted that their car had a new owner and wanted Justin to succeed. Once their former car reveals Mr. Belmont's plans, Justin succeeds in losing and the kids manage to reclaim their car. The episode ends with the kids riding off in Rustin' Justin as they prepare to get him all rusty and broken again.

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