Toothie RUTHIE / Dental FLOSSIE
Series(s) Old Series 5
Card Number(s) 203a / 203b

Toothie RUTHIE or Dental FLOSSIE is card number 203a/203b from the original fifth series.


The card shows a baby with severely rotting teeth.


The card jokes about what happens to our teeth when we don't keep them well-maintained.

Other mediaEdit

Toothie Ruthie made an appearance in the first episode of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series in the Would We Lie to You? segment. It is mentioned that she goes to the dentist and brushes regularly, once every five years. The segment shows her brushing her teeth, at first glance looking like a normal child. When it is stated that she only brushes and goes to the dentist once every five years, she opens her mouth to reveal her decayed teeth.

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