FRAN Furter / Hot DOUG
Series(s) Old Series 5
Card Number(s) 185a / 185b

FRAN Furter or Hot DOUG is card number 185 from the fifth series.


The card shows a really tiny kid covered in mustard in a hot dog bun about to be eaten.


The card and both names parody hot dogs.

Other mediaEdit

Hot Doug made an appearance in the first episode of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series, "Batteries Not Included". He was given to the Garbage Pail Kids by Michelle Muck when they went on a mission to foil the Funbusters' plot to destroy all toys. He later returned to base to warn Patty Putty and Clogged Duane when the Funbusters captured the other Garbage Pail Kids. He also made a brief cameo appearance in the movie parody of Episode 6, "R.A.L.F.", a parody of E.T.

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