Series(s) Old Series 5
Card Number(s) 175a / 175b

Windy WINSTON or JOHNNY One-Note is card 175 from the fifth series.


The card shows a nervous trumpet player farting a note.


Pokes fun at flatulence and at nervous performers' fear of embarrassing themselves during performances.

Other mediaEdit

Windy Winston is one of the seven main Garbage Pail Kids from The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. He is played by Arturo Gil. His clothes also differ. On the card, he wears a yellow checkered jacket. Here, he wears a white shirt Hawaiian shirt with sagging pants (so he can flatulate easier). He often uses his flatulence to knock the bad guys out. He and the other six Kids were captured by the State Home for the Ugly when they were looking for their missing friends, the other Garbage Pail Kids. Dodger and Captain Manzini were able to save the seven Kids and everyone else imprisoned at the Home for the Ugly, but were unable to save the other Garbage Pail Kids. In the film, unlike on the sticker, he was not depicted as a musician