DEE Faced / TERRI Cloth
Series(s) Old Series 5
Card Number(s) 169a / 169b

DEE Faced or TERRI Cloth is card 169 in the original fifth series.


The card shows a girl wiping her face dry, only to rub too hard and have her face removed and stuck on the cloth.


The b name is a play on the word "defaced", which means to disfigure.

Other mediaEdit

Terri Cloth is one of the main characters in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series, voiced by Alyson Court. Here, her face is on her hand. She is often the voice of reason for the group. Episode 2 is the only episode where Terri's face is on a cloth like the card. But, in most episodes, instead of having her face on the cloth, she had it on her hands like Jan Hands.

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