Catty KATHY / KITTY Litter
Series(s) Old Series 4
Card Number(s) 159a / 159b

Catty KATHY or KITTY Litter is card 159a/159b in the original fourth series.


The card shows a fat orange cat.


The b name is a play on the product kitty litter. The card is an obvious parody of Garfield. Also, the a name is a pun on the popular talking doll Chatty Kathy.

Other mediaEdit

One episode of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series had the kids enter the nursery rhyme world after reading an old book of them in the attic and realizing that Jack and Jill are missing from the illustration of their respective nursery rhyme. One of the characters they meet is the cat with the fiddle from Hey Diddle Diddle. Though he is a male character, he bears a strong resemblance to the card character.

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