Baked JAKE / Dry GUY
Series(s) Old Series 4
Card Number(s) 146a / 146b

Baked JAKE or Dry GUY is card number 146a/146b in the fourth series.


The card shows a boy stranded in a desert.


The card spoofs the suffering of people lost in hot deserts.

Other mediaEdit

Baked Jake made an appearance in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series movie parody Pie Fight at the Okie-Dokie Corral. However, he has a drastically altered appearance. He has white hair, a moustache, and wears black shorts and a cowboy hat. He also has severely burned skin. He warns Clint Hardwood not to go on his journey, but the hero still chooses to go after the Hole-in-the-Head Kids. In his design, he is incorrectly identified as Fryin' Ryan.

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