Alien IAN / Outerspace CHASE
Series(s) Old Series 4
Card Number(s) 138a / 138b

Alien IAN or Outerspace CHASE is card 138 in the fourth series.


The card shows an alien with a large brain and a skeletal face wearing a spacesuit holding a woman and aiming a ray gun in the air as a fleet of UFOs fly in the background.


The card is a throwback to Mars Attacks!, another card series by Topps.

Other mediaEdit

Alien Ian appeared in a movie parody in the first episode of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series where he, as well as Janet Planet and Martian Marcia, came to Earth to have an enjoyable vacation. The people of Earth thought that they were trying to destroy the Earth, so they fought hard at the aliens. Unfortunately, the aliens saw the humans' attacks as friendly welcoming and invites to play with them. However, the three aliens eventually left after they heard a news bulletin of aliens attacking the Earth, unaware that THEY were the aliens mentioned in the bulletin.

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