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Babbling BROOKE / Jelly KELLY
Series(s) Old Series 3
Card Number(s) 120a / 120b

Babbling BROOKE or Jelly KELLY is card 120a/120b in the third series. It appears as Babbling Brooke along with Pat Splat on the oppposite side of a GPK school folder.


The card shows a girl with a purple dress eating a Ketchup and Mustard sandwich and talking into a phone at the same time. She is clearly a VERY messy eater as the card shows Kectchup and Mustard all over her face. 


The card pokes fun at the concept that talking with your mouth full is bad deportment.

Other mediaEdit

In Episode 11, A Rhyme in Time, of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series, Jelly Kelly appeared in the nursery rhyme world where she was house-sitting for her friend Little Miss Muffet. The kids ask her where Jack and Jill have gone after a spider who knew their location was brutally injured by a broken piece of the sky before he could tell the kids where they were. She didn't know the answer, but gave the Garbage Pail Kids some advice.

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