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ALICE Island / Liberty LIBBY
Series(s) Old Series 3
Card Number(s) 113a / 113b

ALICE Island or Liberty LIBBY is card number 113a/113b from the original third series.


The card shows a GPK version of the Statue of Liberty holding a bag of trash instead of a torch and some old newspapers instead of her respective tome.


The card parodies the Statue of Liberty. Also, the a name refers to Ellis Island, the location of the statue.

Other mediaEdit

Liberty Libby is a minor recurring character in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. She often appears in the movie segments as a parody of the Columbia logo. She also made a brief appearance in the second episode where she hears Wrinklin' Lincoln's pleas for help, but thinks that he is reciting his famous speech. She made yet another appearance in the movie parody Kinky Konk, where she falls in love with the titular giant ape when he tries to hide from Fay Hooray.

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